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Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability Attorney in London, Ohio

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With over 30 years of experience, Attorney at Law Eric R. Dieterich is committed to providing knowledgeable and compassionate legal representation to injured and disabled workers in London, OH. If you’re filing a Social Security Disability or Workers’ Compensation claim, Dieterich will provide you with the comprehensive advocacy that you deserve.

As a 1982 graduate of the Toledo College of Law, Eric R. Dieterich, Esq. has years of experience in representing clients in Social Security Disability and Workers’ Compensation cases. He’ll make sure to answer any questions you have and gather necessary resources for your case so you can be fully informed and prepared.

When you call, you’ll get an attorney who will make sure you get the compensation you need.

Social Security Disability Attorney in London, OH

Here’s what you can expect from Social Security Disability attorney, Eric R. Dieterich:

  • An attorney who has handled a variety of Social Security disability cases over 30 years of practice
  • Consistent and responsive communication so you fully understand what is happening at each phase of your case
  • Straightforward and prompt answers to your questions
  • A recognized leader in this field of law, dedicated to serving those in the London, Ohio, area
  • A lawyer focused on this singular goal: to help you receive the compensation you deserve

For your personal, free consultation to discuss your case, call 800-729-9972.

Attorney at Law Eric R. Dieterich represents clients in Circleville, Ashville, Chillicothe, Kingston, Waverly, Bainbridge, Hillsboro, Lancaster, Logan, Washington Court House, Columbus, Grove City and London, OH.


  • Social Security Benefits
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Physical Disabilities
  • SSDI
  • Workers Over 50
  • Mental Disabilities
  • Unable to Work


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