Social Security Disability Attorney in Circleville, Ohio


When choosing an attorney to represent you in your Social Security Disability claim, it’s important to ask two critical questions: How long have you personally been handling this type of case? How much of your practice is devoted to this type of case?

For an attorney with experience whose practice is centered on Social Security law, call Eric R. Dieterich, Esq.

Attorney at Law Eric R. Dieterich of the firm Perry-Dieterich Co. LPA has more than 33 years of experience representing clients throughout central and southern Ohio in Social Security Disability cases. Attorney Dieterich personally handles all Social Security clients of the firm. From initial meeting to the conclusion of your case, attorney Dieterich will be working directly with you in handling the many complex issues regarding Social Securities law. His goal is simple: to get his clients the financial compensation and medical care they are entitled to within the bounds of the law – nothing more, nothing less.

As a lawyer who mainly focuses on Social Security law, attorney Dieterich can:

  • Answer all your Social Security Disability questions
  • Ask you the right questions
  • Properly evaluate your claim
  • Obtain medical and vocation evidence to support your claim for benefits.

To schedule a consultation, call Eric R. Dieterich, Esq. at 800-729-9972.